R. Sridhar


R SridharStrategic Innovation Coach. Expert in clearing cobwebs in minds, igniting imagination. Accredited CEO & Business Coach

Imagine an old mirror, covered with layers of dust and grime. In addition, it is unsteady. Imagine trying to look at your face and wanting to comb your hair neatly.

Our minds are like this mirror. It is covered with our biases, habitual ways of looking at issues, fears, anxieties and baggage from the past. How can we get fresh, new ideas from such minds?
Just as you need a hand to hold the mirror steady and wipe it clean without scratching it, we often need external help to look at things afresh.

That is what Sridhar enjoys doing most. Helping people get out of habitual thinking. Stretching their minds. Challenging assumptions. Revel at unearthing new ways of looking at old issues. Attacking what is considered impossible. Igniting imagination and opening a new world of possibilities is equally exciting.

Seeing his clients’ faces when they come out with numerous new ways to look at an issue is rewarding in itself for Sridhar.

Sridhar is always thrilled to hear a client say he followed a new idea through and it is working for him.

Sridhar’s philosophy: “Why should serious work be boring?”

Sridhar is a Strategic Innovation Coach par excellence? Sridhar is a thoroughbred creative guy who has more than 25 years of creating and nurturing world-class brands with O&M, and over 13 years of experience in innovation coaching after that. When Sridhar left O&M to pursue his passion of coaching, he was at the helm as Director and Chairman of Integrated Marketing Communications.

Sridhar says “I believe my job does not end with helping clients think better and get better ideas. Very often managers drop good ideas at the first sign of opposition or objection to the idea. My job is to help them stay with the idea and win in the innovation game. If they win, I win.”

His current passion: One-to-One to Innovation Coaching to CEOs/SBU Heads to build the innovation capabilities of their teams


Strategic Innovation Coaching, Business Creativity Training, Creative Problem Solving Workshops for Business Results,

Sridhar is a stalwart and an Accredited CEO and Business Coach, by CFI. As with every Brilart@Work facilitator / partner, he is not just another corporate trainer, but a true creative genius!




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