Broad Highlights and Benefits  of Brilart@Work  programmes:

  • Exposure to creative arts and creative genres stimulates creativity, imagination and innovative thinking
  • Helps stressed corporate leaders and executives unwind and look at life and business issues from different perspectives.
  • Helps people look beyond ‘accepted norms’ or ‘what their eyes can see’, to create what doesn’t exist
  • Understand how creative people collaborate and perform with people from diverse backgrounds, and how this can be applied to teams in the corporate world.
  • Building upon other’s ideas
  • Non-verbal communication
  • Enhances Team dynamics and empathy
  • Become sensorially aware to take advantage of goose bump moments that will help you and your organization change the game and win
  • Trust your gut. Intuition is as important in composing, choreography and cooking as it is for innovation at the work place.
  • Get that emotional connect right to become a good person, leader and marketer
  • Intuitive decision making requires right brain stimulation and not excel spread sheets
  • Flex behaviour to collaborate with diverse people and teams
  • Get in touch with your innate creativity again
  • Remove creative blocks to get more actionable ideas
  • Learn from accomplished personalities in various creative domains rather than the average corporate trainer.
  • BrilArt@work hand-picks pure-play performers and creative people with tremendous teaching / training expertise.
  • Every Brilart@work program / workshop is different, hence exposing your teams to as many as possible is sure to enhance innovation


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