Unlocking The Mind Thru Music


For a breathtaking, captivating and awe-inspiring creativity boost, Anil Srinivasan and Sikkil Gurucharan present to you Unlocking The Mind Thru Music. In this one day Brilart@Work™ workshop, Anil and Sikkil present music in a way that you would have never imagined before. Anil plays the piano, Charan sings, they explain and engage the audience in a soulful experience. This program truly demonstrates the power of emotions, the right brain and how powerfully and easily music can help people bond. Music erases differences and enables diversity to flourish – if Carnatic, western classical, contemporary and Bollywood music can coexist and create magic so can your diverse, multi-cultural teams. You’ll be floored when you see how composers are actually thought leaders, and how abstract things can be converted into reality that impacts scores of people globally. They beautifully draw parallels between music and even technology, to show you that it all starts of as patterns in the mind! Can you implement all this in the corporate world?

Anil and Charan will take your teams through exercises that will help your leaders and employees understand how music can help open up their minds (and hearts) and bring about real change, transformation and innovation. How people (customers and employees) are a bundle of emotions and feelings and why the emotional connect makes and the lack of it breaks businesses and more… In a nutshell this magical workshop is all about……

- Using Music to understand change and innovation
- Music incorporates multi-layered processing and note-by-note creativity. How can we use examples from music to understand how
- Creativity Exercises and Design
- Using information processing and thought-bending techniques using musical examples to drive ideation and design transitions

Target Audience: Mid Managers, CXOs and Senior Management- Decision makers across functions. Great for R&D teams, Marketing and Branding Teams to break-out and innovate.
Preferred Venue
Any Offsite eco-resort or hotel in a nice nature-rich environment OR a Company auditorium or hall with free seating – a big enough open room with free (moveable) seating arrangement.
No. of Participants
Min 8, Max 25
Workshop Price
Rs. 1,49,990/-

*Price includes facilitation and materials. Service Tax Extra.
Client must bear facilitator(s) and participants’ travel and accommodation costs (where required and applicable), F&B costs, Venue costs (Including projector, sound system, whiteboard rentals etc.)

Workshop Duration
1 day

(8-9 hrs) with a 30-45 minute lunch break

Facilitators: Anil Srinivasan & Sikkil Gurucharan

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Note: The videos used here are merely displayed here to showcase Anil Srinivasan’s and Sikkil Gurucharan’s expertise, with permission from the artists. No association with the owner of the video or ownership of IP is implied here. Courtesy : THiNK, Tehelka’s Conference, 2011 and SS Music


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